Am I crosspicking or string hopping?

Ok, a while has past. =) Been fiddling about with different techniques and the other day I saw the post from @Troy about 3finger grip as @tommo recommended earlier. Read about the knocking and tried a little. Felt good after ca 30 minutes, and search the site for crosspicking, rewatched the old “crosspick w/wrist” and got some new insights. Then I found a video I had missed - “crosspick with compound” which was an eye opener. Messed around with that technique which made me realize the difference of crosspick w/ deviation and forearm rotation. So, by trying out the compound version, I got a better understanding of the deviation version because I experienced the difference. This really helped me relaxing my deviation crosspicking. Learning is so cool! So thanks cracking the code!


Could you please send me the link to this video? Think I’ve watched it, but want to rewatch

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@john_louis Here’s the compound video: Crosspicking With The Wrist And Forearm

The other one: just click the search button and “cross picking with the wrist”…


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Hey that’s awesome! So did you have a sort of instant change in the things you were able to do / speeds you were able to crosspick? And do you remember what where the key steps in your learning process here?

We are always looking for simpler / more effective ways to teach this stuff so we’re all ears :slight_smile:

@tommo o I think the great distinction started with doing the compound version - that really made me sort out the sensation of actually needing to use the forearm - and when to use the more “Andyesque” double escape. I’m not saying they’re faster - but more: I can separate them and switch between them instead of doing them both simultaneously. Really knowing what I’m doing. Yes, they’re smoother now, maybe not up to speed yet. But I think it’ll come for it’s quite new still and I have to work for a time to make them natural. (I think I did some weird blend before).

As you and @Troy described as “wobbly fish” =)

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Have I reduced the “wobbliness”?

@tommo @Troy

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Yep this looks more “wristy” to me! Does it feel better?

Definitely, better tone and more in control, don’t suffer from fatigue like before!