Bouncing problem

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. My pick depth is so tiny I’m more likely to completely miss the string if anything. On the wound strings in particular, I end up just scraping the top of the string with my pick (which sounds horrible) instead of actually picking it if I’m not paying attention.

The tension of the string impacts how much force is applied to your hand, and I’m unable to predict it and reliably counteract it when the tension changes.

Also I’m using the JP style Jazz III pick. Edge picking has never helped me much, but I probably angle it about 15-20 degrees. Much further than that makes the string feel like a round speed bump.

I think elbow and wrist-forearm are more resilient against the “normal force” deflection that the pick experiences as it displaces the string.

Yeah I definitely agree with that.

Important to note that you can have a lot of pick sticking out of your fingers without putting a lot of pick on the string. I haven’t payed close attention to how much Troy puts on the string.

Eyeballing it today, I think my pick attack depth typically only extends about 2 mm past the “at rest” centerline of the string I’m picking, regardless of what type of grip I’m using (choked up or not). I’ll try and post the pics you requested in a few days.

Have you ever practiced slower licks that require you to put a lot of attack on the strings? If you’re barely kissing the string yet still have trouble keeping the picking motion “on course”, maybe some experimentation with a firmer attack (on slower licks at first), will help you narrow in on a sweet spot from both ends of the “firmness” spectrum?

Have you ever practiced slower licks that require you to put a lot of attack on the strings?

Sure, that’s pretty much how I play if I’m just noodling around at slow tempos. But it tends to cause string hopping to occur just to get over one string, even at super slow tempos like 40bpm. If I try to pick in a linear path, it takes quite a lot of force to push the string down and out of the way as the pick goes over it. Enough force to where it’s not even practical, although it is possible.

So either I have to use string hopping, or I can reduce the pick depth and apply a smaller amount of downwards (towards the body) force to the string. The amount of force increases with the tension of the string though so it’s hard to predict it at high speeds.