Can you do this with your hand?

Can you do this with your hand?

I’m doing it to write this on my phone!

Are the fingers straight or do they look like this:

I recall that some people can keep the fingers straight. I can’t do that.

Yes, fingers are straight. Do you think this has always been the case, or a result of years of martial arts (gripfighting)?

I generally believe that barring actual injury or permanent degeneration of dexterity, you can train you body to do what it couldn’t originally.

How much is it affecting your playing? Hard to tell - some players do a lot of thumb wiggling and others keep it quite rigid… .

It’s genetic. It is not possible for me to do this.

Some people apparently are able to also band each knuckle at the middle joint.

I’m only able to bend the first finger at the middle joint. When I try to bend the middle finger, the ring finger comes down. When I try to bend the pinky, the ring finger comes down. Out of all four fingers and my thumb, only the first finger at the middle knuckle joint can be independently bent.

I have always struggled greatly with small things such as sewing and handwriting. I want to know if it’s due to genetic limitations.

Interestingly enough, I can independantly bend each finger at the middle joint (nearest the knucle) with minimal bend in the other fingers with my right (dominant) hand, but the left (fretting hand) is far harder - I really have to concentrate and the other fingers try to bend more - does this have much impact on playing? My fingers are predominantly using a bent/arched position (straight bend at the middle knuckle doesn’t seem to common for me, but I’ll check when I can get my hands on the guitar…

I suppose the only way to know if something is genetic, would be if there was the same present in family history.

The thumb, I believe is genetic. The other fingers, I don’t know…

I asked 3 of my colleagues at work to try this… all could bend the thumb, but 1 couldn’t keep their fingers straight - the index finger especially went into a pronounced trigger finger… very interesting

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