Close-up of Jimi Hendrix's picking hand


This has been going around the net, and I finally got a chance to throw it on tonight. I paused it immediately after seeing this:

That should jump to just before 29 minutes, and a close-up of Jimi’s pikcing hand, in a very CtC-approved angle.

Looks to be a downward pickslant both in terms of pick grip and pick escape, and I’ll be damned if a couple notes in that run across the top three strings aren’t swept…


Wow, how less of the picking is sticking out, almost nothing at all!


Yeah, it’s pretty awesome footage, hey? I saw this, stopped dead, and immediately thought, " I have to go share this over on the CtC forums!" :smile:

On one hand, Jimi isn’t a guy known these days for his lightning fast alternate picking runs, and a lot of the guys we’re really looking at here represent a fairly sizable evolutionary step up from what he was doing… But, on the other, he’s clearly one of the grandaddies of a lot of the rock and metal playing we ARE looking at, and getting an unexpected glimpse of his picking hand in such a great close-up shot is just a really cool find. I’ve never seen such a good shot of his picking technique.

Some more good footage here:

Looks like he’s actually doing rather a lot of sweeping there, I’ll have to sit down and work out the licks he’s playing to confirm what’s going on, though.

Interesting thing about this show, he’s tuned down to D, not his usual Eb.

Thoughts on crosspicking and blues licks