Cross Picking String Hopping

Hi guys I am new to the forum so go easy if this has been discussed. I have the Volcano and Antigravity Seminars so understand DWPS and 2 way pick slanting. I watched the crosspicking video @Troy posted on cross picking (one with no chatting). I can’t get my head around the difference in string hopping to cross picking? Is there something I am missing? Is there a different video you guys have all watched. I understand the motion for string hoping is like knocking a door. How does cross picking differ?

How do you delete a post? I think this is covered in the cross picking topic about the Albert lee curve.

Hey, welcome to the forum! We don’t have a lot of solid crosspicking tutorial material yet, but there is a lot of relevant discussion here on the forum, so first thing I’d suggest is doing a search and reading through to catch up on some previous discussions:

Quick answer to your question is that stringhopping = inefficient motion, when the muscle chain across consecutive notes does not alternate, e.g. the “door knocking” motion requires wrist flexion/extension to be repeated for each consecutive note played. Whereas for crosspicking, consecutive notes will use different combinations of muscle movements. Pretty good explanation here too!


Ah okay glad you found that! Finished writing my reply before seeing the above :slight_smile: No problem to leave this topic up for now, may be useful as reference. If you prefer I can delete it just let me know.

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Hi Brendan thank you for your response and link to chapters 3-5 as the other topic only pointed to chapter 4. I am happy to leave this here as it may help others to quickly see what the difference is without having to read the full previous topic. I will however go and read up as it looks very interesting and might help me with a troublesome 3 string hop I have encountered in learning flight of the bumblebee.


I think it’s very likely that I was once a hybrid, “stringhopping crosspicker.” :slight_smile: @Troy is responsible for convincing me to not throw out the alternate picking chops I’d already developed. I’m thankful for that.