Crosspicking/Tracking technique (video)


I wouldn’t just stick at this speed because it’s comfortable. This speed didn’t even exist yesterday! You only got here by searching for it. If you can just wake up one day suddenly and do a smooth, good-sounding 160, then that’s probably not the fastest you can go. Which means that the motion probably isn’t as smooth as it can be yet. So keep up with the “search for easy” by always trying new speeds and you’ll probably unlock some more of that over time.

Personal confession, I hate the phrase “noodling”! I’m not sure why. I’ll have to think about it. But if by that you mean adopting a playful approach, yes, definitely. And in that respect, “noodling” is probably a better word than “practice”, since it’s about discovery and not repetition per se.

I never “worked on” fretting, but I think we all worked on sounding good. With heavier strings, a note will definitely fret out if you’re not somewher near the bar. But again, I never paid conscious attention to this. If there was a point early on when notes were dying out on me, then I must have fixed this by sound/feel.

I’ve heard recommendations to try bass guitar for a little bit to become more aware of this. It’s true, those strings are like undersea telecom cables. You need to fret them near the bar or your hand will quickly tire.


Ok thanks, I will try this - actually just doing a bit this morning has helped me synched things up a little bit better. Also the tension that comes with fretting notes is starting to feel less now. You are right, actually this is fun!

Thanks - I will give this a go then post back hopefully…

It’s a quote from Brookyn 9-9 - it’s a great show, if you have time check it out!