Does your guitar crackle when your roll your volume back?


Trying to run your Marshall at 11 again?


Fyi I finished the volume and tone pot replacements yesterday - it was a bit of a mess:

But I am happy to report that those controls are now butter smooth and dead quiet. Twenty bucks and some time. I can’t say for sure if this is your problem, but since I play these beat up used guitars, I haven’t had an actual quiet volume knob in, well, probably forever!


Oh no, man, worse! Simul 2:90… :wink:

Actually had exactly this conversation backstage at an AC/DC show (Fly on the Wall tour*). The engineer giving me a tour said the rig was about 110 Kilowatts, and they’d taken out part of the grid in Chicago in weeks before…

(*27 September 1985. Looks like they played a show in Rosemont in Cook County on the 21st if anyone remembers a blackout :wink: )


Guys sorry I’m only replying now, life has been a bit hectic over the last few days and I haven’t had any time for guitar at all :cry::cry:

@Steverts this is a trailing gang plug:

@Troy I wouldnt know where to begin putting all that back together!