Easiet way to learn how to play chords on keyboard


I’d like to be able to lay down some chords on a keyboard and record them in Logic for making backing tracks and the like.

What is the easiest way to learn how to play chords on keyboard? How would they teach it to a child in a school?


Keyboard player here.

Most piano chords are played in triad form. So just get used to playing the chords in Root-3rd-5th form.

There’s a lot of resources available on YouTube for this entry level stuff so I would personally start there. Feel free to message me or reply here with more specific questions!


Yoy can try those little colored stickers!! :blush:


Thanks guys. I just want to be able to play really simple chords. I will order a packet of stickers, it’s a good thing I know the names of the notes in the chords!


Hi @aliendough, while not exactly the greatest keyboardist in the world, i’ve had young kids playing jazz voicings very quickly via a simple observation. And I do not recommend stickers.

If one focuses on the point where keys go back into the board, one notices that the black keys and white keys are the same size. I point out the shapes in the chromatic scale, and they’re off, playing key agnostically. Pretty exciting to see happen.

I don’t know if anyone teaches this way, but it’s worked for me, and the kid in particular I’m thinking about knows more jazz voicings than folks that have gone through many boards of study. :slight_smile:


I vote against stickers! Keyboard shapes are so visually distinctive and physically and obviously tactile they almost memorize themselves. It’s not like guitar frets which all look the same and feel the same.

The best way is the hands-on way. Considering you already know the musical aspects of this, I’d just spell out some chords or progressions that you like and play them. You can play around with inversions if you like, that’s up to you. But really, all you need to know is that C is the note just to the left of the pair of black keys. There’s not much more to it to get started!


my two cents here…
If you want you fingers to get used to a keyboard - play some scales. Ok, I know it may sound strange since scales and chords are two different things, but it really helps. And… start with the E-major. Believe me or not it’s much easier than C-major.