Has anyone ever found the "perfect" guitar for themselves?




Cool, thanks! 20 character minimum…


Yngwie is about the best heavy metal guitarist that ever lived! Why would you be bothered by his name on your guitar???

BTW, Have you ever played a Fender Heavy Metal Strat? Greg Howe had an endorsement for them and was in a bunch of ads in guitar mags with them. I have several and they’re awesome!


Well I am jumping back and forth between a Vintage Strat Trem and a Floyd Rose.

@Troy I know what you are saying. I actually like the way SGs sound better. What do you think about the all Mahogany neck-thru soloist style guitars like the topped Charvel XL 750? That guitar is nicknamed the “Les Paul Killer”. Do you think the tone is still different on a Les Paul? Nice video on the Muchstang. I watched it again. Been a while. So that’s got a Mahogany body :thinking:

@Acecrusher because Yngwie is a as…xtremely… nice… guy. Yeah, the Heavy Metal Strat has the STRAT on the headstock in big cursive writing right? Cool axe. My Strat has to have the big CBS headstock, taller 70’s body. No compromise. 4 bolt neck… They made this guitar '68-'71… The newer large headstock Strats are close… There’s a new Strat out I’m gonna get, it will be “the one” if I can find one 7lbs… I think Sweetwater is the only place that will weigh it for me. :rofl:


No idea never played one. But anyone who has both, set up a mic in the same spot on both, strum them acoustically, and throw them into Match EQ in Logic. You’ll see right away how “similar” they are - and specifically where and how they are different.


I don’t get why more vendors don’t appreciate how important knowing the weight is (or they’re just happy to screw over people). And at the risk of sounding like a Sweetwater fanboy, I also like the fact that they show comprehensive photos of specific serial-numbered guitars so you can pick what you want, especially if you’re shopping for a figured top.



@Frylock it’s beneficial to the manufacturers to not give the weight. Especially with a mail order item that’s hard to return. You gotta take a 10 pounder and like it. I think a light guitar requires more time in a kiln to dry out… we can’t have that. Let’s stamp these puppies outta here like cookies as fast as possible. Water logged wood n all. The P.O.S. Yeah, I was looking at natural ash Strats on Sweetwater and they DO have different grain patterns. It’s cool to be able to pick.



Subjective statement is subjective. :slight_smile: EDIT - though I missed your “about” which makes it a far less categorical statement than it looked at a glance, lol.

Recessed or non-recessed? A recessed Floyd doesn’t feel THAT much different from a traditional Strat bridge, especially if it’s a 2-point you’ve set for a little bit of pull-back, and I can go back and forth easily enough. A non-recessed one, though, sits quite a bit further off the body. I’ve found guys who like non-recessed Floyds also tend to prefer TOM-style fixed bridges and feel weird on Strat style fixed (or vintage floating) bridges, and vice versa guys who are used to Strats or recessed Floyds (like myself) feel a little out of sorts on a TOM or non-recessed Floyd.

It’s not insurmountable, but it’s surprising how just a couple cm can be totally disorienting. :lol:


Honestly I think you’re worrying far too much about what’s on the headstock…

But you could always try the ‘extreme’ method I discovered…

Step 1 - Drop your PRS. Hard. So that the headstock smashes in several small pieces and the logo is completely distroyed.
Step 2 - Have a luthier make a new headstock and graft it on to the neck and get him to put your own name on it while he’s doing it since you never plan on selling it anyway.

Plays just as well as ever :slight_smile:


Recessed Floyds Drew, no it’s not that much of a difference if I set all of the guitars up the same. My bad on the b**ching.

@Horganovski LMAO, that’s a pretty nice Horgan guitar you got there.



Oh, no worries, man, I was legitimately curious!


Thanks Drew, yeah, some of my guitars aren’t setup the same, String height and gauge, that is the issue with them playing different. lol, I’m measuring everything now when I wrench on them. I still don’t have the 100% perfect guitar like I originally said. But these will do for now.



The best guitar is the one you play. The rest are simply decorations. That being said, my latest ax is an Ibanez RG652 hard tail in Koa brown… I wanted an 80iest like guitar, but one that looks like an adult. The rest I use are Strats…


Music Man Axis/Super Sport/Semi Hollow. Incredible neck. Incredible ergonomics. Incredible pups. 7 lbs and below. Also the Reflex— bigger body slightly but chambered.


Here’s a unboxing of the Vintage Modified Squier I just got


Get rid of the middle pickup and im on board with that.


I’ve considered picking up one of these in HSS, largely for the “full thickness” Strat body in basswood. How’s the weight?


I just finish the job Hank started and lower it completely flush with the pickguard.


Yeah, my only problem with a middle pickup is that it tends to be in the way for me. I like the tonal variety it provides but on a physical level it’s in the way.
Just my personal choice!!


Weight is 7lbs Fry, That’s why I went with Sweetwater. The free setup. And you pick your guitar and weight from HD photos. These are usually 7.5 to 8 lbs. I got a light one. With a nice even 1800XXXX serial number too. No grain burn anywhere.

Dude, I’ve played and owned a lot of 70’s USA Stratocasters and the Squier Vintage Modifieds blow them all away. The early 2000 model Squier Standards are awesome guitars too. Same factory. You can find Indonesian Squier Standards used for $100 bro. When I had to start over, broke with nothing, I got a Indo Squier Standard with a Duncan in it for $60. Un-f***ing believable. This guitar is the sanded satin Fender knockoff I still have today.

These guitars are the exact shape spec as a '68-'70 Fender Stratocaster.

At some point the Standards moved to China, another reason I got a Vintage Modified, to stay with the Indo factory. They make pretty good s***. I really like this guitar. :bear::+1:

Yes, I do lower the middle pickups ALL THE WAY flush with the pickguard. I didn’t mention that in video, because I didn’t have it adjusted all the way yet, and didn’t want to hear any BS.

When I can afford it, I’ll get a white American Special (CBS style) Fender. I’m already out of guitar stands and I am building a rack holder for my guitars now. I think I’ll be ok till then.

@Gtrjunior yes, middle pickups agitate me also.