Help eliminating forearm rotation during double escape strokes

Hey people

So i have a slightly superniated and 9 0 2 picking motion that seems to feel the most natural to me and i am trying to make my default picking motion. Thing is i just can’t seem to stop automatically reverting back my old picking motion where i seem to be rotating the forearm to get the pick strokes and not using pure wrist motion. Its like turning the key in the door motion kicks in and i just can’t seem to stop it?

Also when going across the strings and trying to matin there lightly supinated 902 wrist motion is the aim to keep the right hand planted in the same position or to track across the strings by moving the right hand along the bridge?
It seems if you keep the hand/palm planted in the middle of the strings you can’t reach the thinner strings without having your hand it a heavily ulnar deviated position and can’t reach the thicker strings without having a heavily radial deviated position. However tracking the strings seems to feel like somebody moves the goal posts every time you move and have to reset? Ive not got much hair left but I’m about to rip that out too.

How much pressure do you wrist picking guys apply on the bridge? If i apply a fair bit i can eliminate more forearm rotation but loose mobility, if i apply only a little the forearm rotation creeps back in and i can feel the thumb heel bouncing off the lower strings. Should the forearm rotate at all?

So frustrating, been at it for months. Was even lucky enough to get one of the out of office slots with troy and even though i understood everything he told me i just cant form the new habit.
Watched the wrist motion primer pack multiple times. Fully understand it in theory but again can’t seem to put it into practise and make any progress with it practically!

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anyone out there in guitar land??

Hi Tom! Just going though posts we haven’t been able to get to. I think the answer to this is the same as the answer to the other post, so I’ll refer to our discussion there, i.e. about whether your current motion is working and to what degree. Your tests on the single string / single note will be helpful.

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Have you considered trying to explore a forearm rotation double-escape, as opposed to a pure wrist double-escape?

It works quite well, although it involves a bit more complexity with the mechanics. I think Troy discusses it briefly.

Hey @hamsterman we continued the discussion over here mate