Higher action more gooder?

If you think of it, report back. My oldest, and favorite, guitar is a '97 Strat that’s had some issues I’ve been slowly working through - had it refret with jumbos a while back and long story short the luthier probably did a rush job so I’ve been dressing them myself and they’re pretty great now, something was wrong with a Wilkinosn bridge on it that was causing intonation issues so I’ve replaced that, recently replaced the tuning pegs mostly to match but they’re better now, and I’ve been redoing the rest of the setup including lowering pickups that objectively were probably a little too high, and were causing some warbling in the last few frets… The last thing I’m kind of looking at is a little bit of binding in the unwould strings with a set of 10s in a graph-tech nut that’s now probably more than 20 years old and I was thinking of replacing it, if you feel like this guy’s approach to setting action at the nut is really unconventional enough and effective enough to be worth looking at, maybe I’ll give it a try.