How to stop open string vibration as you DWPS?


@element0s, that video was really helpful. It made me realize that I have poor left hand muting technique. It is a bit hard to unlearn the way I’ve been fretting notes for years. Working on it.

Coming back to right hand muting. I have been trying to play some melodic lines from Andy Timmons lately. When muting the lower strings, I realized that using UWPS works well because I can use the back of my thumb for muting. But that also means I am a bit limited in terms of lines.

Is Andy an UWPS or is there a better right hand muting technique for melodic playing. Or is it more related to amp/pedal settings? I know that Andy uses the clean channel of his Mesa Boogie but puts a tube screamer (or similar) and a booster in front to achieve his beautiful saturated tone.

I hope I am not drifting away from the topic.

Cheers \m/