Interview Suggestion - Uli Jon Roth


I think his less-than-he-deserves state of fame is not that surprising. Here in germany he is mostly known as the former Scorpions guitar player and its been 40 years since he left. I was 2 years old. I knew the Name, not the music, even the scorpions stuff. His work afterwards was just insider stuff. During those 80s/90s shred times, he did not release lot of stuff, and what he did was symphonic stuff.


Really eh? In Vancouver he plays at nicer clubs and it’s always packed. He pays here almost every year


Interesting right hand movements. Reminds me of some Pebber Brown youtube lessons I’ve seen, where he teaches to move the pick mostly with fingers.


To be fair, Vancouver is the major west-coast cultural hub in Canada, and is a major part of Canada’s professional music scene, in addition to generally being a very large metro area. Mind you, I did some googling and it looks like when he passes through Winnipeg he still plays a 300 seat club that blogs cite as one of the top venues in the city.


Hehe, uli is great, here is a suspicious clip with a killer guitar solo. The hanging out video billy corgan did with uli is fun as well!


I think Uli Jon Roth would be a great interview. Even though there are guys faster now, he was one of the ones setting the standard in the 70s. People who are faster had him to look back to just as he had Hendrix to look back too. Plus as others have said above, he is so relaxed while playing. He’s definitely worth looking more closely at. It’s also a good idea just for data collection, he might offer things that put in the context of what others have shared, could lead to some new insights.