Joe Stump Alert!

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This sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the harmonic discussion, that should be really interesting. Are you planning on releasing his older interview as you are with Gambale?

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I haven’t watched the old one in a while but from what I recall the new one is similar, just better, with greater clarity of questions on very specific things that we know much more about now, and of course better video. e.g. Might not be worth it.

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When you film these interviews in your studio is it easier to edit into a presentable format?

In the clip he states “I do the thumb thing”. Have you ever covered that mechanic anywhere and if not maybe shed some light on it ?

For sure filming is easier because everything is already set up, sound is dead quiet, lighting is known - far fewer variables and chances to get something wrong.

All of which means less likely we will need to fix things during editing. It happens just less frequently.

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Nope and there isn’t even one “thumb thing”. When you watch this you will note several types of movements that Joe uses. One of them looks almost exactly like what Martin Miller uses and we have another talk coming up with him.

Between the two we will have some very good shots of this particular movement if anyone wants to try and figure it out. I personally haven’t put in any time on that yet so I can’t offer anything beyond the footage and the comments of these two very fine individuals.

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Definitely would love if you guys could film some hybrid picking action from Martin. His Hand Position (fixed vs floating, what angle does he approach the strings), and if he still crosspicks when incorporating his other fingers.

This jumped out at me. That, and the fact that Joe seems so forthcoming and likeable.

We have:

There might be others but this is one I remember off the top of my head. Martin’s great with that stuff - so is Andy.

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The upcoming talk with Martin is more specifically mechanical, about how he does the movement. A number of the ‘demonstration’ sections of this, where he’s more deliberately doing it, look just like what Joe does.


@Troy I’m wondering about something - Joe uses 8s and tunes down a half step so his strings would have very little tension. Did he mention anything about this and how it affects his picking? Does he pick super light or is he slightly muting the strings to add a bit of “tension” to them?

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I didn’t know that - we didn’t talk about strings at all. I can ask him. He might use the Yngwie type sets which are light top heavy bottom. So they’re not really 8s, just 8s on the high strings.

I do know from editing a little of this that Joe appears to hit the strings with some accented notes here and there, so he doesn’t appear to be using very delicate movements. Looks can be deceiving though.

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In the 90’s all of his equipment was the exact same as Yngwie. Same strings 8-46, same picks, same overdrive, same amps, etc.

But it seems he started branching away from that. Went to ESP. From the CTC video, it looks like he is using a different pick now. Maybe he went to 9-42? @aliendough my picking is sloppier the lighter the strings, like you are saying… But Marshall Harrison is messing with 8’s right now and it hasn’t slowed his ass down any. I don’t get it man. Pisses me off. Some people are just fast no matter what.

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Yeah man, I always would have thought that those light strings tuned down a half step would have been like playing with rubber bands! I know it doesn’t slow Yngwie or Marshall Harrison down, but I’d be interested to know how these guys do it as I don’t know if many players using such light gauge strings and who are shredding as fast.

The notion of Joe using a really light touch with his right hand has gone out the window as Troy says he doesn’t appear to be using a light touch with his right hand.

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Maybe not as light, but Michael Romeo uses 10-46… in D standard. I tried once. I tuned up immediately back to E. :sweat_smile: Seems there’s something in common between those neoclassical shredders… But I suppose I shouldn’t confuse the forest for the trees.

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Not for those occasional accented notes, but it could be that the others are being played more gently. I don’t know how you’d measure that.

In general, sure, if you use super skinny strings you have to be gentle with the touch or they’ll just go right out of tune. That’s true of any gauge string. You have to modulate the attack to the equipment. If you can only play at one dynamic level then you’ll be stuck on one string gauge or pick gauge or…

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It’s an interesting topic related to picking. A whole lots of things IMO are implied by how deep, how hard (or the opposite) guys pick, and probably that comes with the occasional ‘rule’ breaker. Also interesting is to figure out how players adjust from electric to acoustic, because the tone production process is very different.

I’m far from a shredder although I do have my moments… my main guitar is a YJM strat and I have it set up with 8 --46 in Eb too. I have the action quite a bit higher than my other guitars which have 9s or heavier so I can dig in a bit more. I find it balances out the thinner strings pretty well.

Sure you can’t dig in too much or you’ll send notes sharp but generally not an issue. I remember one of the djent guys saying that he prefers lighter strings when tuning down as the slacker tension gives the notes a quick raise and then drop in pitch when you hit them hard, to him that was part of the djent sound. Is a guitar ever really perfectly in tune anyway ? :slight_smile:

One other thing about light strings+high action is that it’s much easier to do left hand muting with a bit more clearance off the frets IMO.

My 2c… hope it’s useful!

It does make their picking a little sloppier IMO though.

@Lukhas 10-46 is a good gauge for D standard. That’s what I had on the black Kramer when Teddy sang some Motley Crue. I did this whole song in one take with one guitar track. lmao.

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