Last ditch attempt before I move on

Why did you remove the video?

stay safe brother, have heard some really bad news from there etc

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I thought everyone had already seen them, and it was embarrassing having them on the web. :joy: I posted another topic for Troy to check out in the same category

Nah…that’s one reason this lace exists. So we can all help one another.
Don’t be embarrassed.

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Here’s a video of me focusing on just moving my picking hand up and down across the strings, instead of side to side which is what I’ve developed thru the years. It’s a bizarre habit and since it slices off the strings it almost sounds legato. Hopefully what I’m doing in this video is right and I’m on a good path. :pray:

Shot JonJon, will do, appreciate your words bro :pray: :+1:

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THis is why Troy is amazing. wow. so great of you.