Magnet alternatives


ok, I got mine today. It works and suction isnt a problem with heavy phones. The only issue I have is that it bounces a lot when I pick up speed. Maybe that is just a problem with having a heavy phone, or maybe because my technique requires a lot of movement.


Maybe you’ll have better luck if you attach it to your desk and just turn it around so you get a down-the-neck view.


Hey guys I found a solution for under $10. A Dewalt clamp and two little clamps. It’s a bit fiddly getting the phone in the right place but then it works fine. Here is a pic.


Is that a magnetic base on there too?


It is. however, I have significantly simplified it since then. It is now just the clamp with the magnets attached directly. Less hassle and works even better.

I just took the magnets out of the phone mount because I didn’t have any others lying around but any two magnets should work fine. The Phone mount also has a little metal plate that goes inside your phone case for the magnets to stick to. Any piece of thin metal should work


Looks like the magnets are tall enough that the phone clears the trigger part of the clamp…


This is awesome. Do you think this would work for a heavier phone, like a Galaxy Note?


I don’t see why not. I suppose you might need slightly bigger magnets if anything but in principle it should be fine.


@Brendan and @Troy, is Gumroad still the place to buy the Magnet plans, or are they available directly through somewhere?


Yep still via Gumroad for now! Link here:

We’ll probably get it somewhere on eventually, we just haven’t yet made a way to manage downloads with arbitrary files (e.g. PDFs only) since this is really the only thing we have that’s not videos or zip files of clips / tabs.


Love the creativity by folks here!