Need more neck relief!


Good call. The cupping effect was more of a theoretical tidbit and not the main source of a more direct reason which we haven’t found yet.

The only other underdiscussed aspect is the aspect of the temperature on the metal rod itself, but as I said, to what degree is impossible to judge from behind screens.

In any case, I hope you get it fixed, and I hope (I suspect though) that uneven frets aren’t giving you a false reading- which is why I asked about fret sprout.


Because we’ve got the humidifiers running at least into the 30-35% range now I’m not seeing any fret overhang but those have definitely happened in past winters. So humidifiers and loose truss rod has kept things playable for this winter and I guess that’s a small victory. If we can find the time to send it in for a fret job that would be great.