Paul Gilbert - The Curse of Castle Dragon - Cover by Tommo. Experimenting with tones and hand position

@tommo Awesome! Great playing and insights. Are there tabs for this? (I think you mentioned in your first post “tabs to follow”). I looked through the google drive files, but didn’t see them. I’d really like to work on this solo!


Hi @tommo, awesome job.

Really nice to see you incorporating some hybrid picking throughout!

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Thank you @caseyLA and @Tom_Gilroy!
I’m still trying to sort out the tabs, together with several other guitar related things I’m trying to do at the moment - but they will come :slight_smile:

In the meantime there are already several tabs for this song online, but keep in mind that I changed quite a lot of the fingerings and played most of the solo one octave lower.

I love your playing but the production is lagging now, and why frame it where only part of you is visible? At the minimum I would say frame like CtC often shows Troy. (At the maximum learn it standing like Wolf Hoffmann would play it, in front of a green screen, see Accept’s “Teutonic Terror” on YT.)

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Hehe thank you but at the moment I gotta work with what I have (makeshifty videos and so on). If guitar ever becomes a professional thing for me, I’ll have to step up the video production for sure :slight_smile:

PS: also this has the nice side effect of hiding my guitar faces :wink:

(I never thought of that… these days I often play standing with a huge wide stance and LOTS of posturing [V often on my right thigh, etc.], but I need to choreograph a “guitar face” as well. Right now my expression is blank, that’s not good… My GF spent a few hours with one of the world’s most famous concert pianists and he integrated turning right [looking at the audience] at specific bars of the music and even did that while practicing and playing slowly… my mind was blown and I loved this.)

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Hey Casey, is there a part of the song you wanted to check out in particular? I’ll make the tabs at some point (I ran into some difficulties trying to write down some of the rhythms in the solo that are not strongly tied to the beat) but in the meantime I’d be happy to post a video where I go over the licks slowly.

@tommo No need to make tabs just for me, especially if they exist somewhere already! The main section I’d like to learn is from the first video, 1:55 - 2:10. Looks like a great 2wps workout, and sounds great the way you played it.

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I hope this helps - in a nutshell it is almost entirely made of “Gilbert licks” in F# natural minor (on the top two strings) plus a bit of up-and-down scales :slight_smile:

Oh and I play it one octave lower than what PG does - other than that I think this is a fairly accurate imitation of what he did.

Of course feel free to ask more questions :slight_smile:

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@tommo Great, thanks! I’ll give it a try. Really cool sounding lick.

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