Pointy picks or normal tip - does it really matter?


Why does Martin Miller change the pick so often during the interview?
Red jazz 3,stubby,etc…


After years of Jazz III’s, I switched over to a 4mm V pick Infinity a few months ago. Couldn’t be happier. The Frank Gambale interview convinced me to try larger picks. A larger pick allows a more relaxed grip for me.


Ive used yellow tortex forever. Im sure I have some that are over 20 years old lol. I have been thinking on picks a bit lately though so I ordered some Delrin 1.5s (Yngwie lol) and some Dunlop 47PXLN Nylon Jazz III XL

I dont think I could ever use the smaller jazz III types

The yellow tortex is like .73mm so I will be interested to try the Delrin 1.5. Its sort of radical to think its TWICE the thickness

Then I was watching some of my Chris Brook instructional vids and he mentioned his pick was a Dunlop Primetone 3mm. I thought for a minute and I was like, huh? THREE mm? At first i thought he was mistaken because i saw a Dunlop 1.3 and thought he meant that. Then I got to looking and, yes, there is a 3mm lol

along the lines of this

hard for me to imagine using a pick FOUR times as big as what Ive always used

I wonder though. Yngwie uses 1.5 and has pretty small movements. Chris uses 3mm and has TINY movements. Any connection there??

Any1 know what Rick Graham uses?

haha, I see they have 5mm picks too lol. Id be scared my pants would fall down if I tried to carry that.


Have you warched the Teemu interview?
There he shows a 10 mm Hufschmid pick which he uses for practice.


wow, id have to get back in the gym to use those

you throw that out into the crowd and u end up with a lawsuit lol


I myself have a 12 mm pick. You would think it plays very heavy but the opposite is true.
Due to the very rounded thick shape you can hold it veeery light. And that is the purpose for which Teemu uses it: you are getting used to not sqeeuzing the pick and transform that to a more normal sized pick.
Mine is to round at the tip to get a descend sound wiht it, but thise Hufschmid picks are very pointed so you can realy play with them.
Biggest problem: you can’t put hem under the strings when not playing :wink:


yeah, and if u carry it in your pocket people might think u r happy


Hahaha! In my case the pick would be to smalll :wink:


well it IS winter…


Haha! True but still.




haha, looked funny when he went to the normal sized pick


I’ll add this as well - I’m NOT good at crosspicking one-note-per-string patterns, so I want to set an appropriately low bar… but I’m a LOT worse at it when I’m not using a fairly significant degree of edge-picking, which is definitely easier with a pointier pick.


What Teemu interview is that in? The live one?


No, this one:


I missed that the first time watching it :flushed::flushed:


Pointy picks or normal tip - does it really matter?



For years I was more of an edgepicker and preferred pointier picks. When I started playing around with my mechanics, my picking flattened out considerably and I now prefer a more rounded Fender style pick.


Just as an aside.
I know this is about pointy or not
But in my previous post I went into my choices and for faster stuff it was
A 2mm

This morning I picked up a fender thin and it felt better than good.

This happens from time to time and much like a gambling addiction is the reason I keep going back to the well.
That hope that someday its going to happen.

Its just weird to me that something can go from foreign to natural over night.

Must have been holding my mouth just right as my grandad would say
About fishing.

I doubt its a permanent switch but if it works it works