Scuttle Buttin main phrase

Sounds great! Nailed the tone too.


Nice work! That looked effortless and sounds really good.

When Stevie played this live he always played the G string notes in the last part of the first bar starting on the 2nd fret, sliding up to the 3rd fret, quickly sliding back down to the 2nd fret and then finally pulling off to the open G. I think the album version had different articulations, but live he always played it this way. Andy Aledort and I worked this out together last year and I feel pretty confident that this was the case.

I agree he slides the articulations on this riff live which is different from the recording. I read/heard somewhere he did this to save his hands when touring.

I can’t speak to that, but I think this may have been closer to how Lonnie Mack originally played the lick.

Huh. I’m thinking now I may not know the history of this tune. What is Lonnie Macks connection to this tune?

“Scuttle Buttin’” is essentially a tribute to Lonnie Mack, in the same way that “Rude Mood” is a tribute to “Lightnin’ Sky Hop” by Lightnin’ Hopkins.

I think “Scuttle Buttin’” was really based on “Coastin’”:

And “Chicken Pickin’”:


Hey that’s great. I’ve never heard Lonnie Mack. Those are definitely inspirations for Scuttle B.

The first record Stevie ever had was a 45 of “Wham!” which Stevie obviously played live a million times and made a studio version of and of course he played live with Lonnie and produced and worked on his ‘Strike Like Lightning’ record.

Wow, the link is strong here, thanks!