Share your cool Amp Simulator Presets (Because I suck at it!)


A few salary days later I managed to try Bias FX, Overloud TH3 and Mercuriall reaxis.

I must agree with you that it remains quite hard to get a good tone from BIAS (though still possible), while the latter two can give very satisfying results right out of the box. In terms of latency however the three perform about the same on my computers.


This is my basic practice preset on Mercuriall Spark

I find that I get the best results with third party Impulse Responses, right now I’m experimenting with some OwnHammer ones.

Also the Eventide Stereo Room plugin (room reverb) certainly helps bringing the tone to somewhat realistic levels.


I did got into the hype too, but I got Bias Amp. The tone cloud amps sound pretty wicked!

I prefer the sound over my old PodHd 500x, which sometimes I like and sometimes I hate it. You really need to spend many minutes to dial a great sound.

I even bought this very cheap amp this orange one but I love it because I just have to plug and play it, not tweaking required just get down to business. I know is not the most professional amplifier in the world they just have to plug the guitar and forget about everything and that’s very cool I think.

But anyway bias amp or FX they sound really good and the price they were giving he was very tempting really.

Another funny fact is that if I had waited two days after their Black Friday sale I would have got the same price plus bias distortion pedal for free, so in trying to get a great deal I missed a better one :joy::joy::joy: