Skip Fives - Legato, is Troy muting with frethand?

Hello, I’m new, and am really enjoying the pickslanting material. I’m starting to feel the difference with better escapes. To practice I’ve been concentrating on the Downward picking section with Yngwie and Johnson. The Yngwie 6 note patterns seem easier for me (even though I’m barely at 50% of speed Troy does, but it’s great for working on the slant, and it’s getting better) The Johnson 5 note is harder although I like the style better, and here is my question.

Is Troy muting on the Skip Five Legato vid? It doesn’t look like it, but when I do it, the last D of the phrase on the A string, which is hammered on, makes noise when I go back to the beginning of the phrase… any advice? I’ve tried muting with frethand, but getting back to the B is problematic…


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I think this lick is waaay easier if you hybrid pick. Starting from the highest note you can loop a descending five by doing:

Middle - pulloff - down - up (escape) - down

Ps: with a similar idea you can execute the trademark descending fives lick and avoid the sweep - for me it’s easier to keep time in this way

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Cool Tommo, thanks. I get what you mean. I think that would be my tendancy too.

In fact, when I was trying do as writtne and hit the hammer on on the last note, my fingers were getting the message but were also automatically doing a pulloff on the middle string. So down - up (escape) on G string, down - pulloff (D) - hammer on.

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Hey Tommo, I checked out your videos, Magnet Blues and the Tremolo study, they’re great man. And you put up tabs… I’ll be checking them out.

I wouldn’t have noticed this before coming here to CC, but I can see your picking slant and how well that works… Great ressource

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