So how does A.O. do it?!?!

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Thanks, Tommo. I think everyone except Sergey is in agreement that there’s only massive respect here for both Anton and Troy and we all wish only for there to be a bond of friendship between the two schools. Hopefully it can be left at that. Massive love to Mr. Oparin from we CtC students to him and his school!


Totally endorse this, if there was any doubt :slight_smile: :+1:

I would also add (as you hinted at earlier) that it’s not fair to judge a teacher by the behaviour of their students, let’s keep that in mind!


Uhmmmm have you seen the first Karate Kid movie? Hahaha


Whew! Quite a thread, and an interesting read to be sure. Apologies if anyone’s offended, not my intent.

Just to be clear, I think Anton is fantastic, I love his technique and execution, the raw ability he has is amazing. If he can teach it, that’s awesome too!


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From about 3:26 till 3:35! How is this even possible at such a speed….???
Is there anybody else who can do this with picking besides Anton? I have to find that person yet…. Just crazy!

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ooh he wants to be careful there, someone might clip out a few seconds of that and stamp DESYNCED over it

edit: if you were inclined to do that sort of thing I mean, I’ve already expressed that it isn’t my favoured method of engaging with music

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What do you mean exactly?

What do you mean ???

Just my wry British sense of humour getting a bit lost in translation I fear, please don’t let it worry you

also, Anton’s speed and clarity are admirable but I do think a “good enough to impress people in a guitar shop” version of this is available to anyone who either copies his pick hold and motions or has internalised the Di Meola/Mike Stern/Gilbert wrist motion videos on here and knows a position or two of the harmonic minor scale

it’s definitely cured my massive problem which was all my existing motions couldn’t do a repeated inside string change under any circumstances

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Need more time to experiment but i will say i was shreddin pretty good yesterday with one of those classic dunlop tortex 0.50mm picks. I never go that thin. Tyically i stay between 1.4 and 2.0mm. But i was like whatever lets try it. It worked very well with the AO pick grip and me practicing alternate picking via wrist motions. Couldve been a fluke result but im gonna keep practicing with the thinner picks for now

I am also used to 1.5/2mm picks but Anton uses 1mm. I asked him about it and he replied that you need just a little bit of flex in the pick, to thin won’t work.

I am trying 1mm for a few days now.

Yeah ill prob come back up and meet somewhere in the middle but it did feel good. Which exact picks does he use?

Edit: deleted other post (exact same post) by response on mobile

I don’t know which exact pick uses.

Would be great to look at short “before-after” clips about these different grips you tried. Only if you want to share of course :slight_smile:

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Dunlop Jazz III XL series, blue, 1.0 mm

For simple questions like this you can always just tag me and ask. We’re over 300 replies into this thread and it certainly will cut down on any future bloat or speculation issues in here.


Where exactly is the line drawn regarding what we’re allowed to ask you? The whole thing is a fun act of sleuthing for me, but I do have the utmost respect for anything Anton considers trade secrets or intellectual property. Plus, when sanctions lift I am going to see if I can buy a package or 2 from Anton. I know the mechanism of how he switches strings is off limits. Anything else, in particular?


Just super specific technical or practice approach questions. I wouldn’t know how to draw a line on this.

We can take it as it comes Joe, I’m here to help out. When in doubt just tag and we can go from there.


So in his system, he offers guidance specifically on how to practice various things? If so, that’s interesting to me because I highly suspect my whole life I’ve been doing that wrong. Even the conservatory training I got wasn’t as specific in that area as I would have liked. Lots of ‘play it slow, don’t make any mistakes’ type of advice.

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