Tapping? Going beyond the old one string arpeggios


This interests me - using tapping to make a precomposed passage easier to play:


Awesome playing!

Now it’s my turn to ask a n00b question. When you say “eight finger” do you mean all eight are being used, or just that all eight are available if needed, i.e. for some phrases and not others?


The term eight finger tapping I guess was invented to make an impression of complexity. I’m not sure whom I got it from. I thought of it as just a name for using more than one finger on the right hand. And for me it was almost never more than two at a time. Three when doing chromatics. So I guess a more truthful name would be two-, three- or four-finger tapping.

All fingers was used though. The pinky was hard but not to bad when you got the hang of it. I could never get the coordination between right hand ring and pinky though. So most of what I played with the right hand was index to one of the other fingers.

Some players plays a lot more complex stuff with the right hand like Helmerich and Broderick. But I just wanted speed so to me it made more sense to do as easy movements as possible to achieve whatever goal.


Speaking of eight-fingered tapping:


Awesome! That sounds great.


Markus Reuter around 1:10 in the video. Probably the best touch style or tapping player today


A local music shop had one of those used in stock and they let me give it a shot. Goddamn, I’ve never been so totally disoriented on an instrument, lol. It was kind of fun anyway though.


Another great example