Terry Syrek Interview

Hey guys, I’d just like to say thanks for watching the video I did with Troy. I had a great time, despite the heavy topic. I appreciate the support and kind words more than I can say! I’d also like to thank Troy, again, for having me. You guys are in good hands, here at this site; Troy is a fantastic player and educator!



Great to have you here Terry. I really enjoyed your interview, some fantastic playing. It’s incredible that you’ve overcome your problems in the way you have. Hope you’ll be featuring in future Code material at some point!


I think your comment on the last paragraph about believing you can do something is significant. Not just in guitar playing but in every facet of life really.
In my late 20’s -early30’s I found myself in a rut. I was working a mediocre job with a mediocre car and mediocre apartment. I was drinking pretty heavily and I was quite overweight.
One day, seemingly for no reason out of the blue I took a long hard look at myself and finally realized that my current path was one I wasn’t meant to go down. I BELIEVED I was meant for more.
I got some help for the drinking, i put myself through truck driving school, got myself to the gym and actually a few years later competed in a bodybuilding competition. I didn’t win the whole thing but I still came home with 2 trophies.
Today I’m married to an amazing woman, have a great job, drive a nice vehicle, own my own home and have tons on quality musical gear…all because I believed I could.
The power of the mind is undeniable.


Thanks, TheCount! Happy to be around, as I can, and thanks for the kind words.

And Gtrjunior… thats fantastic, man! Big highfive to you and much respect.