The 18-minute Practicing Routine


for SylvSylv

I’m not answering on the behalf of anyone - but the way I am doing it, is to ensure the first pattern gets 21 days. After that I will continue to repeat 2, 3, 4, 5 etc, and reduce no 2 the next day, and the next pattern each day removing one more.

It’s obviously something that works, but not a panacea.


I hear what you’re saying about the first item to be practiced ends up getting the most practice time in by the end of the 7 days (if you’re working on 7 scale patterns for example), but therein lies the aspect of continuing for the 21 days. By that time, all the patterns should be comfortable and into our DNA. Because as much as the earlier patterns do get extra practice time in, the extra time (after their initial 18 minutes) is really just for polishing up what had been worked on previously.

I’ve noticed in my use of the process (and noticed in friends’ and students’ use as well) that by the 2nd week, all the patterns are equally comfortable and locked-in.

Likewise, while practicing a new item and previous items, as much as my teacher had mentioned about playing them equally as you build up your patterns, I don’t see any harm in polishing up the newer patterns a few extra times more than the older patterns. i.e. - if you’re on day 5 pattern 5, after your break, you could play pattern 5 for 5 mintues, pattern 4 for 4 minutes, 3 for three, etc. But when ya think about it, it may be overthinking. Any time I went to practice previous patterns after a new pattern, I just made sure all the patterns played and sounded equally great.


How are most of you printing the pages out? I have attempted a few ways but the copies I am getting are blurred. Thanks


I’m not sure about the blurry print out. I just tried downloading one of the pages to do a test printout of it and it came out as clear as the original. :thinking:


I pulled it up at home and it was ok. It appears to have been an issue with my work computer system.