The Yngwie Malmsteen Strat


Just know that the larger 70s headstock, for the sustain and a brass nut are key components of the Yngwie tone.


Including the machine mounting screws and dunlop 6000 frets, I think they make a huge differece. My YJM absolutely screams like no other strat type.


Thx guys really appreciate all the advice. … what about the Mexican strats? Which models are they exactly


You can always buy a Fender 70s neck. It looks like all the Mexican players series have the classic smaller headstock.

As for guitars the two real options are


Thanks! The reviews of the Squier strat are impressive, but I’m hesitant with any $300 guitar , regardless of how well its made, plus… basswood body , not a fan.

I wish the other model came in other colors. .

At this point , Im just going to keep testing out the strats in the 1-1.5k range.

If… I were to buy the YJM strat, I have a 45 day return window with guitar center in case it’s not for me…


Squier’s $300-$450 range are spectacular for the money imo. The only real difference between basswood and Alder imo is the weight. Tonally they are very similar.


The squiers are good but it won’t end you search. Do try the YJM if you can return it, no harm done.

I recommend the YJM string to go with it. They may seem too light but if your trying to play YJM or shred they’re the way to go.

Also make sure you have enough gain, I’m playing into a Carmen Ghia, not really suited for YJM tones by a long shot.

I use a Friedman BE-OD at 9V, with the internal gain pot maxed out and the external gain pot at 3 o clock.

I find that I need to boost the guitar signal a tad more as I keep my pickups relatively low to get the right amount of gain from the BE-OD.

Also try to keep you strings action minimum of 2mm at the 12th fret to get the guitar to really work.

Good luck!


Thx. Another concern I had was was the string gauge on that guitar , I currently use 10s,
I don’t that would work.

I think I’ll stick with my Charvels…


If you’re already using Charvels, I think you can get it all done there too.

I dont buy into that tone match thing as much. I could easily fool anybody playing country on my bridge pup with any clean amp, delay/reverb and compressor into thinking it’s a tele. It’s really all in your vibe and skill.

I’ve been interested in some of the newer charvels myself, which model do you use? I did try to stay away from the HB style pups but they can be fun too, though I do prefer the bite of single coils, probablly just what I’m used to. I do have an old MIM I sometimes use with a JB/Jazz set, they’re actually not bad though I think they hide some inaccuracies too.

That said I do think you should try one for yourself, to get closure on this, a lot of the time gear in hindsite is a process of elimination, as you said they’re returnable.


My current Carvel -


Strongly considerin


I also own


Man that’s a stellar guitar, don’t think about it; your already used to the format, bitchin’ guitar bro, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Does’t say SS frets, which is a good thing! The Satchel model will sound killer with those pups and the neck pup is in the right place!


I also liked the MM1, SS frets but I think they will work with the Mahogany body better.


Are u talking about the green slime Bengal thinking of buying or the 2 guitarso I own already?


The green Bengal. Looks like a killer guitar but the MM1 makes it a hard buy, also its too similar to what you already have.


What’s MM1? It’s similar but it has the Fishman pickuos…

The above is the reason why I was exploring the traditional strat platform with mods…

The for ur insight


If you really want that Yngwie sound a single coil neck pickup is a bare essential.


I like that Charvel… not blown away by the colors, the full shred in the bridge. …


Ibanez MM1

It’s the Martin Miller signature by Ibanez, very tasty guitar.