Thoughts on Friedman's interview


Before I answer your question let me say that while I’d like to be able to hit sextuplets at 200 on simple licks and sextuplets at 150 or 160 on complex licks, in making that statement, I’m using advice I learned long, long ago from reading an Eddie Van Halen interview in what I believe was the now defunct magazine “Guitar For The Practicing Musician” which I consider to be the best guitar magazine ever made for guitarists primarily interested in hard rock and heavy metal. In the interview he suggested to other guitarists the following: “Set your goals twice as far as other people set their goals. That way, even if you fall a little shirt, you’ll still be way ahead of everyone else”!

I love that advice from Eddie Van Halen and I’ve personally found it to work extremely well for me.

As for your question, I can play the following simple lick at about 160 beats per minute (example: the following lick is in groups of sextuplets and I consider it simple because there isn’t a lot of string changing and there are only 6 notes in it that are played a total of 4 times per bar so here it is: SECOND STRING: 12th fret, 14th fret, 15th fret, then FIRST STRING: !2th fret, 14th fret, 15th fret.)

For complex licks I’m probably playing sextuplets at 140 beats per minute.

Remmeber, you asked me abut my PICKING GOALS. My ultimate goal, my top priority is to write enough great or at least good songs to be able to release a 10 song album :slight_smile: That’s what I got into playing guitar for - to be able to make a record one day! If my picking were to stay exactly where it is right now, I already have all the tools to be able to play ld guitar on my upcoming album that I could be extremely proud of :smile:



Be great to see your mechanics doing that? Got any videos?


As of now I have a relatively cheap old cell phone. It takes pictures but not videos.


Shame, with chops like that I would be posting all over the forum!!!


This is what I noticed too troy and inspired me to play like marty and joscho! :grin:

A great thing to check out is how marty plays holy wars, it’s down strokes!

Check it out

Look at that hand go! While moving around loads, amazing!


Chill out on those cymbals mate, jeez.