What's your pic story?

Starting left to right… the upper row is just to show both sides of the pick for easier identification.
The thumb pick is a Slick Pick Medium.


I have a drawer full of picks. Different materials, shapes, sizes, thickness, textures.

I have small pick pouches attached to my keys and my guitar stands. These pouches contain an Eric Johnson Jazz III, an Ultex Jazz III and a Standard Orange 0.60mm Tortex.

I’m much less pick sensitive than I used to be, but I still keep coming back to the EJ Jazz IIIs for most of my electric playing. The Ultex has the exact same geometry as the EJs, and they offer a more percussive attack when that’s appropriate. On acoustic I prefer the lighter Tortex.

I like the Petrucci Trinity picks a lot, and the Flow picks are very nice too, but I don’t feel the need to have them on me at all times.

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And when I lose the nylon .38mm i take the flow pick and trace around the pick on some thin cardboard snack box like ritz (actually i am to poor for ritz so its walmarts brand of ritz) or little debbie (great value brand in these as well :laughing: ). cut it out, and use packing tape to double wrap it then cut that out again to make strumming picks. i live pretty far from a guitar center these days. :laughing:


Nowadays I’m all about Dunlop Flow 1.5mm, but I can get down with anything that’s at least a little pointy and not too small (never liked Jazz III type picks). Now, my pick history is something like:

Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm. This was the first pick I used when becoming serious about guitar in the mid '90s. I was introduced to them as a teenager way back in the AOL guitar chatroom days (thanks MrShred22, wherever you are!) I haven’t tried using one in forever, not sure how I’d like it now.

I started getting into pointier picks at some point, probably because I’d heard that’s what shredders used. haha There was a long period where I was switching between picks frequently, but ultimately I found the Ultex Sharp 1.14mm and fell in love. Used those for years.

Eventually I desired something that had a bit of a better grip (the Ultex Sharps were unfortunately completely flat on both sides), and went with the pick of choice of Tony MacAlpine, a long time hero of mine - Big Stubby. I used both the 2 and 3mm versions for a bit, but (and this is inane) it bothered me that the embossing wasn’t the same on both sides… I could feel it, and it’d make me always want to grab the pick the same way. lol The search continued, and eventually I landed on the Flow.

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I’ve tried many kinds of picks… ;o)

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Ive been there, used to cut them out of those soft
CD cases.

I still do that to this day. On the purples, one side is stamped.

@JakeEstner I sometimes think Altoids is owned by Jim Dunlop :smile: what’s that big red book if you don’t mind me asking.

I do like the clear cases too though, nice to be able to see which picks are where!

The book is: https://www.betterworldbooks.com/product/detail/thelonious-monk-fake-book-0634039180

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I found a model of fishing tackle organizer (Plano 3448) with compartments that are close to the ideal size for storing most picks:


I used to have picks everywhere, from numerous manufacturers. My general favorites at the time used to be from Pick Boy. Eventually, I concluded that I should have only one pick for a while, and after looking at the tea leaves (inexpensive, major manufacturer, popular, pointy, thick), I somewhat randomly picked the 2.0mm Dunlop Flow. I gave my other picks away so I couldn’t go back.

Eventually I’ll get a second type of pick that is good for things like funk music (in that case I’d probably copy Nile Rogers or something).

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I have a ridiculous amount of picks laying around!

I went down a rabbit hole of trying to find a pick that wouldn’t rotate on me. Turns out the problems weren’t the picks…

Anyway, I’ve settled on Dunlop jazz III carbon fibre picks. Ironically, I actually wish they came in non max grip form! To me they sound great. Quite aggressive sounding. I’ve not found a pick I prefer the sound of, yet…

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I find the Max Grip Jazz IIIs harder to hold onto than the other variants.

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I like trying different picks everyday to avoid getting too dependent on a single style. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The wooden one is hand made and came with a handmade leather guitar strap that I received as a gift.

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Using different picks is a very easy way to tweak your guitar tone and change the way your playing feels. Maybe you will be the only one who notices, but that’s enough.

Personally, I love having a lot of options. Those picks in the photo are the ones I always keep at reach.

I have probably spent enough money in picks to buy a high end guitar. :rofl:

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Love the tackle box, gotta get one or 6!


Yes, this was how I kept mine back in the band days. Cheap and reliable.

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This is the one I have. 15 slots. Got it from Amazon.
tackle box

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My collection’s not very exciting, these are the only picks I use:image

I was surprised not to see these in anyone’s collection so far but near as I can tell they got pushed out of retail stores . . . when I got back into playing electric I wanted to stock up but no dice, they’re gone (except mail order.) Grip is a rubbery overlay and the picking edge comes in nylon, delrin or gel, seriously they’re awesome.

I remember these picks. I found I didn’t like them as the grip was not in the place I like to hold a pick and it felt odd trying to hold it elsewhere!

I’m confused, the rubber grip covers almost the whole surface . . . I guess the grippiest part is where the holes are though, but the rubber itself is all I need. I think a big part of people’s preference comes down to the pads on our fingertips and sweat composition so no one pick is ideal for everyone.

I have very dry hands and long fingers so something like a Jazz 3 feels awful, they just slide around . . . yet they work great for many people.