Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


My favorite guitar player of all time is Doug Aldrich. I would love to see an interview of Doug! Others include Andy Timmons, Pat Thrall, Greg Howe, Bruce Bouillet, Richie Faulkner, Paul Jackson Jr, Pat Travers, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson (yes I know that he is a part of CLC already, but I mean an interview sit down), Glen Campbell (yes I know he is dead, but he deserves the props!), John Mayer, and I could go on and on…


I think all these players would be amazing but one name I did not see but would love to see more of his work is Brett Garsed. I know he is not known for his picking but his improvisation and melodic sensibility would be great to combine with Marshall Harrison type of technique.


Doug Aldrich, Bruce Bouillet and Paul Jackson Jr (one of the best rhythm players ever) would be great.

Also, Chris Poland for another look at a trailing edge picker.


We need Bananarama and Expose


I’m guessing the next batch of players interviewed won’t simply be UWPS or DWPS? They will have to have some other kind of magic going on?


All of my choices have already been mentioned above and I’m with @aliendough in that maybe the focus should shift to non-DWPS/UWPS players or at least players with

So here’s my list so far including a quick note on why they are included:

Emil Werstler (crazy “gypsy jazz metal” lines played with almost “brutal” accuracy)
Rick Graham (sheer effortlessness)
Brett Garsed (hybrid genius)
Guthrie Govan (sheer versatility)
Biréli Lagrène (childhood prodigy that “made good”)
Jason Richardson (almost robotic like action)


I’d love to see Al di Meola, Guthrie Govan and a second appearance of Marty Friedman, playing solos from his Megadeth days.

I feel you can learn even more from these players when they actually play stuff they have recorded, besides the more technical stuff (play a lick/scale stuff), because then you can see fingerings and when and where they decide to deviate from their “go-to” technique.


I would love to see Al Di Meola, Vinnie Moore or Tony Macalpine. Troy interviewing them would be great! :slight_smile:


What he said. (extra text to fullfill the 20 letter quota)


Jake Workman


Oh another one to add to the list for the sake of posterity… Yngwie Malmsteen!


Andy Timmons
Kurt Rosenwinkel
Issaiah Sharkey


Robert Fripp
Michael Romeo
Andy LaRoque
Chris Poland
Luca Turilli
Timo Tolkki
James Hetfield (insane downpicking)
Jon Schaffer (insanely tight rhythm playing)
A Synyster Gates interview would probably drive a lot of traffic to the site.


Chris Poland would be my number one choice, though there are plenty of great suggestions in here.


I saw Kurt Rosenwinkels name mentioned and that would be good to see.

It would be great to see some modern jazz players interviewed, my suggestions would be:

Kurt Rosenwinkel
Peter Bernstein
Adam Rogers
Julian Lage
Jonathan Kreisberg

Jonathan Kresiberg has a technique he says is influenced by rock players such as EVH.


Daniel van den Berg

Surf music contains a lot of tremolo like black metal or balalaika players


Paul Gilbert, Vai & Satch, Guthrie Govan, Takayoshi Ohmura & Michael Schenker would be my picks.


Joseph Tawadros


Some virtuoso fingerstyle and/or hybrid picking players :slight_smile:


Mika Tyyska interview is going to be released soon, @nasierszyca .