Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


If say I have a tree in my garden and post a picture of a tree, then it’s reasonable to accept that claim.

If I say I have a unicorn, and post a few seconds of sketchy video from a distance of an animal that looks like might have a carrot stuck on it’s head, then that isn’t sufficient evidence.

This can be summed up as: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. And the claim that an individual can play significantly faster, as well as more accurately than anyone else on Earth is an extraordinary claim.

Some close footage of (say), clean tone scale sequences across strings at sensible speeds e.g Al or John Mc speed, with equal clarity and rhythmical accuracy might allow the masses to entertain the claim he can do it 9 times faster as well. FWIW, based on the videos on his Youtube channel, it looked and sounded to me like a few seconds of unsynchronised, inaccurate tremolo picking.


My own suggestions would be:

Robert Fripp: he actually taught some unusual theories about picking, and “Fracture” contains some notoriously hard clean tone cross picking.

Mike Keneally: played the second guitar with Vai but with unusual RH technique - lots of wrist and finger at low speed but almost totally elbow movement with an extended wrist at high speed.


Guthrie Govan
Kurt Rosenwinkel
Gilad hekselman
Pat Martino
Tosin Abasi

It would be awesome to see a little bit of dynamics/phrasing and also some improvisation concepts such as motifs, and choosing the right notes, I think that watching and learning this with such detail would be a great way to keep the mechanics working better. Another idea is to maybe start analyzing left hand posture.


Yes if you haven’t seen his rock fusion video, check it out!!! Unbelievable flow IMO


and !!! Danny Elfman !!!


Baby Metal??? Really?

I wouldnt mind seeing thet Raga Guitar with the magnet on it.


Baby Metal writes some catchy tunes, unfortunately Mikio Fujioka just passed away.


Eh :frowning: …maybe Waldemar Sorychta?

and Steinar Sverd Johnsen & Knut Magne Valle

Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold

they committed genius soundtrack for Medievil


Jonas Engdegård

Hmmm…Marilyn Manson 2 ? :slight_smile:
I prefer these :smiley:

  1. Vlatko Stefanovski (awesome guitar player from Macedonia)
  2. Robert Fripp (it would be interesting to see from up close his right hand picking in Fracture and FraKctured)


Wojciech Lisicki



You know, he was mentioned at the very start of this, but I’ll second Jimmy Herring. He has a very unusual looking picking mechanic - to me it almost looks like his hand is kind of pivoting off the string rotationally, and I suspect in practice what this does is something akin to two-way pickstroking where it has the pick coming upwards away from the string in both directions; probably not as efficient as a more conventional technique, but it probably allows him quite a lot of picking flexibility.

A coworker of mine sent me this yesteerday:

After the first couple seconds when he begins alternate picking. It’s a very distinctive mechanic I can’t recall seeing anywhere else. Let me know if the facebook video link doesn’t work, and I’ll find something on YouTube. He’s not the fastest alternate picker I’ve ever heard, but he’s fast, and he’s very fluid.


That’s one of the best shots of Jimmy’s picking I’ve ever seen.


I would love to see PAUL GILBERT!!! Though he likes to share his views, techniques and tricks in his videos and written columns, a deeper insight in his picking strategies mixed with legato would be awesome.


Please please please, do something with my countryman, the unparalled Mr Guthrie Govan, before his space ship comes back for him :rocket: :smile:


I think Gilbert’s playing has become a lot more legato orientated in the last 10 - 15 years or so, what do you reckon?


This is a huge list with a ton of names of guitarists and it’s gotten long that it’s hard to keep track of. I’m wondering if there is any chance that we could be supplied with a list of guitarists who were approached by Troy and his staff but turned down the offer and made it clear that they have no interest in ever doing a master Of Mechanics interview.

For example, I’m sure a lot of people here would love to see Zakk Wylde interviewed by Troy and the team. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t been approached already, so if he has been approached about doing an interview, what did Zakk Wylde say to Troy and the team?


I hope this is not to far off the topic…

Over the last few months I tried to have a closer look on Paul’s lessons. He mentioned, that he uses more frequent picking to get a more aggressive sound. And he seems more into blues now, what’s always cool :+1: I like his multi texture picking/Legato sound and it fits more my personal style for alternate picking preferences over sweeping. I already have some things decoded, But I still try to understand his picking direction sometimes. The ‘rules’ in his mind… :thinking:


Happy to share a few, though please don’t construe this as a definitive list :slight_smile: Probably would be impossible to make one anyway, as it changes a lot and we don’t always have good insight into why someone doesn’t get back to us with interest in doing an interview.

Some of the players who have at one time or another declined include Guthrie Govan, Eric Gales, John McLaughlin, Zakk Wylde. There are several others who we’ve talked with but it didn’t work out due to something like a timing issue or another project they had launching. In Zakk’s case it seemed to be an issue of limited availability. With Guthrie he basically conveyed that at present he’s just not that interested in doing video projects.

The list of players who simply haven’t gotten back to us one way or another is longer. Sometimes w/ a non-reply we have no way to distinguish “not right now” from “never” from “I didn’t even see your email because my manager ignored it” from “that contact info doesn’t even work anymore”. So we do usually try reaching out several times periodically. If someone has the top secret elite-guitarist-hotline rolodex, let us know!


What is the best email to contact you at @Brendan?