Wrist and forearm for pickslanting and escaped trajectiories

Hello to the forum … A question … can you use your wrist for uwps and forearm for dwps?

Hey @gianguit, before going into the details I’d ask if you are aware of the distinction between “pickslanting” (the angle of the pick) and “trapped/escaped” pickstrokes (to do with the trajectory of the pick)?

You’ll see that nowadays we often use shorthands like
USX = escaped upstrokes
DSX = escaped downstrokes
DBX = pickstrokes that escape in both directions (double escapes)

These are the trajectories allowing you to change string smoothly, and can be achieved with a variety of muscles/joints (wrist, forearm, elbow etc).

Pickslanting (the inclination of the pick with respect to the string plane) is often correlated with the trajectory (e.g. DWPS + USX is a common combination) - but it also is a separate concept, and in itself it does not guarantee efficiency in changing strings.

Let me/us know if it makes sense and of course feel free to ask more questions :slight_smile:


As Tommo says, as long as you are actually escaping on the upstroke/downstroke for USX and DSX respectively.

Personally I find that the pickslant you set will ‘coax’ you into using either USX or DSX.

Does Dwps refer to the forearm? And usx on the right wrist? … if I have to play Paul Gilbert’s lick that 3 notes on string B and 1 on string E on which inclination should I start?

You should start on whichever pickstroke you feel most comfortable doing! This pattern can be played starting on either down or up as long as you make the correct rotational movements to change from USX/DSX as far as I’m aware.

This may help where he talks about starting with whichever pickstroke you’re most used to.

Hi everyone … I trained in dwps and I became quite fluent … But when I do 2wps I found that in uwps I do stringhopping at higher speeds … What to do? I use wrist movement

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Hi! Have you watched through the motions sections of the Pickslanting Primer? Hopefully that will help clarify! You can also share some video of your playing to #technique-critique for further feedback if you like.

From my experience forearm is whether neutral or UWPS (DSX). But looking at Vinnie Moore I see that it could be used both ways. Though I personally couldn’t make my forearm to do USX.