You only get one instructional


This guy has some great insights. One of his videos helped me actually develop economy ascending speed last year and helped me on my way (along with other resources and CTC).



I would take the excersises from Troy, and then try to apply all of the concepts to pieces of classical music that are very “black” (lots of 16th notes), where a lot of the violin and piano stuff is particularly good (and written by geniuses, in short, so they are higly musical). If you can’t read sheet music yet or don’t really like classical, I’d just stick with Troy’s material.



Which one did you decide to get?



None yet.
I just finished watching paul gilbert intense rock 1 on youtube and while not exactly what I was looking for I think there was eome cool stuff there.



I dont think youll find a “soup to nuts” solution. IMo it doesnt exist. This is sort of what ive been harping on recently

in essence its up to the individual to make his own strategy

That being said I havent owned any of Claus Levins programs. Perhaps he has such a program. But his are a bit pricey. I wonder if he ever runs sales? Im tempted by the Alternate Picking Program since he seems to lay out larger overall strategies

I went to look up piano training PROGRAMS. Since its a more mature instrument. But good luck.

all one finds is EXERCISES. well, thats nice. I come out of the bodybuilding/powerlifting world. An exercise is one little bitty thing. Thats a far cry from any sort of PROGRAM

The thing about the Paul Gilbert vid. He had probably been playing for 8 years at that point with many advantages. It would be best to look at that vid and others as a “part 2” or “part 3” in a series of vids.

start with single string playing. Work that up to a nice high level. Then work on multi string ONE WAY licks perhaps. Maybe THEN start to tackle the Gilbert vid…keeping in mind that even in that vid there is a HUGE variance in difficulty from beginning to end



If you watched the free video downloads on alternate picking mastery /practice plan he lays it all out for you…

You decide what you want to practice for the month, break it down into sub categories, and then attack 1 or 2 examples every day for a week…

Rinse , repeat.

The free downloads are some of the best I’ve seen and his strategy can be applied to any material

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dont mean to take away from the thread but just wanted to ask if the joe stump 4 pack neoclassical dvds are any good? anyone have them? or should i just use my ears and learn classical music? or does he have some cool lick tricks and musical concepts that make it worth 70 bucks? cant deny his technique may be better than yngwie, he sure keeps those fingers glued to the fingerboard like in the ending of out of blood

but ill probably just wait for marshall harrisons swybrid book.

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When is Marshall’s book going to happen?



Tom Hess basically runs a glorified pyramid scheme. He’s sent spam messages to a few sites I’ve run in the past pretending to be an employee of his offering us the opportunity to join his “affiliate program,” saying Sales 101 stuff like “if your members are already paying us, you might as well get a cut of that money, right?” and stuff like that. Shortly thereafter we had a “new member” start a thread asking about him, and then a couple other “new members” immediately chime in to say they’d had really positive experiences studying with him. I’ve talked to people who signed up for his program who ahve said despite all his talk of customized lesson plans, it’s straight out of a programmed curriculum with no custom tailoring, at a premium price. Then there’s the whole matter of his Guitar Sex program.

I do try to be fairly diplomatic when talking about stuff like this in a public forum, but let’s just say he’s not someone I have much respect for and I think if you want instruction there’s a lot of other guys out there you could probably get more for your money from.

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You miss them because he takes an AGE to get to it. I like Claus, but he could deliver a lot of his materials in about a 3rd of the time :joy: I think he has got a bit better at avoiding the waffle-talk as tine has gone on…



Yeah, I picked up on his vibe pretty quick, and like you said "public forum "…

Just pass



I have the Joe Stump Neoclassical 2 and 3 and the Advanced Soloing Techniques.

I havent seen the Neoclassical 1 DVD

Assuming the Neo1 DVD is any good at all, id say its easily worth the $70.

Pros: You get to watch a top pro shredding with close up angles for several hours. He plays stuff numerous times, fast, slow etc. Very inspirational. Shows various techniques. Teaches some solos from his albums.

Cons: no tabs afaik

The cool thing about Joe is, you dont have to worry about “can he teach” because dude IS a pro teacher at Berklee



Stumps Metal Chop Shop and sweep picking books are both excellent. And they come with a code to Dowload all the audio tracks.

Awesome material @ $25 each! Easily worth hundreds of dollars imo.



“Guitar sex”… what a clown…



I like to think that I’ve gotten at least one useful thing out of all the instructionals I’ve seen but my biggest and most immediate technical breakthrough came from the CTC Pickslanting Primer.

I’m also tempted to say Season One Episode Nine, where DWPS was introduced. This was the first CTC video I saw. Conceptually, this video turned my world around and gave me a way better understanding of the physics of guitar playing but I wasn’t able to physically implement the ideas until I got into the UWPS material on the Primer, which lined up with the picking technique I already had.

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