1993 Marshall 8200 Bi-Chorus:s

Been looking for one of these for over 20 years. Finally scored one. Been sitting in a guy’s music room in Hollywood 20 plus years.

Just did some cleaning, repaired a few tears in the Tolex and cleaned all the pots, jacks and switches…


Awesome! How do you like it for rock and metal? I’ve been eyeing one in an ad, was thinking about using it as an affordable rehearsal/gigging amp?

Is that like the 8100 valvestate but with chorus?

It’s got a great, tight, focused gain structure. I’m not using an overdrive pedal with it.

It’s like an 8100, but this model has two choruses - one for the dirt and clean channels that are independently adjustable.

It’s 100 watts per channel stereo, so I’m running it into my 2x12 as independent right and left signals…each side of the amp has its own speaker to run.

I’m really pleased with it.


stereo chorus is always cool


Looks great! Have any advice on repairing tolex? I have combo in similar condition that could use some TLC.

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I use Gorilla Clear Grip and a pocket screwdriver to fill the tear. Then, using a slick piece of decal backing paper, iron the tear with a clothes iron on low heat. Excess can be rubbed off with your finger. It’s a rubber cement.

Cool I’ll have to try it out!