2 year progress, much thanks to CTC

This month marks the second year on my YJM journey that started with the Volcano Seminar.

Just wanted to post two tracks I did with this backing track in Eminor. They’re all improv and not thought out at all, but the thing is I’m having a blast being able to stitch stuff together which I could never do, to us here a lot of the tropes are rinsed and repeated.

What I’d like to work on is more Bach/Paganini counterpoint stuff going forward.

Actually, at the moment I’m still trying to get the two string arpeggios effortless, I feel that’s a key thing I need to get past. I don’t like finger tapping due to its tone; I don’t want to play legato, somehow I feel I’m in this for the fury and not the gliding smooth stuff, which I do love when guys like Garsed do it.

No video clips here; but I’d love to hear any advice, opinions, negatives positives so that I can move forward. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck running in a spot.

Thanks for listening
:pray: Namaste from India!


Wow, awsome playing ! :slight_smile:

Love your tone. You definitly send malmsteen-vibes when you burst out into those short runs during slower lines.

It’s hard to keep 5 mins of improvisation interesting, though, but that applies to everyone. :wink: My impression is that you did even better in the “fury” track. I especially like the first 2 mins!

Again, great playing!!


Thank you JP for listening and you comments. I really appreciate it.

I didn’t realise they’re 4 mins long! Holy crap, that’s a lot of space to fill with something meaningful. You’re a solider brother.

Thanks you again for the kind assessment. To the trenches I go again, so much to work on.

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Great progress my friend! You’re getting there for sure, keep pushing!

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You have cool ideas and I like the way you string them together.

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Thanks Bill, really appreciate you saying that :grin:

Thanks Charface, wow that’s a huge complement! Thanks for the encouragement!

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Lots of character in your tone. I like it.

Also, of course, those neoclassical licks are brilliant. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Steve506!

Really appreciate that.

I hope this year is as productive as the last two.