2WPS \ DBX attempt

I’m naturally a DSX player and have been working on USX off and on for a couple years. This vid is two practice licks alternating back and forth; the first is DSX and the second is USX. USX is still not nearly as natural as DSX but it’s coming along.

I guess I could just focus on developing DSX only but I suspect learning USX will unlock other motion abilities. And it’s kinda fun. When I’m really in the zone with USX it feels like it might be developed into a more efficient movement despite DSX always having been the more natural feel for me.

(Sorry about the mediocre focus and the false start.)



I see lots of potential there!

Looks great, when I learned usx I used just 1234 so https://youtu.be/VrqAhwF3reI

If you do that 1234 thing a lot it will bleed into your playing. I do think usx is the best way to play but thats just my ignorent opinion