3 note per string Pick Slanting Question

Hi everyone i’m new to this forum so i wasn’t sure if the first video was uploaded correctly. But i’ve been working through the pick slanting primer and i would appreciate some feedback. I notice that when it comes to 3np string scales that players usually start with an upward pick slant. I’m use to playing in a downward pick slant position, can the same benefits be acheived starting with a downard pick slant on odd number groupings. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Here is a video of me playing a 3np per string scale.

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Hey there!

These days we prefer to think about “primary plus secondary motion” rather than two-way pickslanting, because there are several ways (i.e. joint motions) of generating the different picking paths needed to play a scale. And not all these combinations of joints will generate a change in “pickslant”. Here is a link to the better explained version :slight_smile:

More generally, we also observed that the movements one “plans out” when playing slowly (beginning of your video) are usually not representative of what happens at speed (end of your video).

The approach we recommend is to just to try an play the thing fast and check what happens (possibly aided by slow motion footage).

So I’d recommend you to film a couple of things (posting both the normal speed and slo mo versions):

  1. fast tremolo picking on one string
  2. some fast attempts at playing 3nps scales

We’ll take it from there :+1:

PS: if you could do that with an amplified sound it would also make it easier to hear things more clearly.

Hi Tommo i appreciate your reply.Thank you for all the information and video that you recommended in your reply i will defenitley watch that video on Primary plus secondary Motion. This picking concept is new to me i’m actually kind of use to elbow picking and trailing edge picking . I did as you reccomended and below are the videos of a scale being played fast and then slowed down and then the same for tremelo.Thank you

Just curious: why are you not trailing edge picking here then?

Hi, yeah i stopped doing the trailing edge because i felt like i couldn’t get the speed that i wanted to achieve compared to downward pick slanting.

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Here is my previous picking technique in a video where i transribed a piano solo from the latin jazz piano player Noro Morales.

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Hey! Just so you know I’m not ignoring this but need a few more days to look at it properly. Great playing on the piano transcription by the way :slight_smile:

Quick impressions:

The scales sound good overall, but I think you involuntarily include some hammer ons and pulloffs in some places. A good homework for you is to check where they happen, and figure out if they are accidental or systematic. If systematic, it’s worth investigating why they happen: are you doing different picking motions than the ones you think you are making?

I can’t understand from the video whether your tremolo is really USX or not. If you could film a little closer to the picking action and better lighting (and possibly 60frames per sec or even 120) it wpuld be great

Additionally, it would be interesting to see the same examples with the trailing edge grip which you say is your standard.

Thank you Tommo for the advice and i’ll start working on those ideas you shared i really appreciate it!

@Dvd.Jazz gotcha, well if you ever want to revisit trailing edge, you should experiment with holding the pick at the tip of the thumb, close to perpendicular to the nail. I find it to be much better for speed, and the fastest trailing edge pickers I’ve seen hold it that way as well.

Thank you for your reply Pepepicks66 i will go ahead and expirement with that idea i appreciate it.

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