3 things I've learned since discovering CtC (Going from 140 to 180 over night)

  1. Troy taught me how the pick should properly leave the string in order to switch strings efficiently. (never found out this on my own for over 30 years)
  2. I held my pick too tight. This limited my technique to about 16ths smoothly around 140-160, but only certain combinations. Things never felt “smooth” as Troy mentions. It never felt right. But, at X-mas 2019 I experienced a severe pain in my right thumb.This naturally made me hold my pick much lighter due to this pain. After a couple of minutes of playing I discovered 2 positive things:

A: my “old licks” (many Gilbert TWPS) became smooth as silk, even the UWPS side of them.

B: My speed increased playing comfortably waaaay above former level: ie did some licks in between 180 and 205ish depending on what lick it was.

I believe that when I relaxed my picking grip it caused my wrist and elbow also to relax, wich made it less of a struggle. Another positive side is that my tone was also improved. (not as “choked” as my hard picking style caused it to be)

So my tip to all - never use more force holding the pick that’s necessary (of course firm enough not to drop it, or make it rotate). And holding it more lightly also often makes the pick “show you” where it wanna go… It made wonders for me!