400bpm 16th single note and 2nps

I mean… It’s not NOT what I said it was… hehehe.

Jokes aside, I think it’s an interesting technical idea. I remember stumbling upon it when I was like 18 after doing a sweep/swipe across all 6, then the middle 4 and finally the middle 2 and thought… “Hmmmmmm. There might be something here…” Then forgetting all about it. I might have heard it somewhere prior, because it does have a bit of Banjo kinda texture.

I’m curious what the technique actually. It’s clearly economy as hell, but perhaps there is more to it. I played around with attaching notes to it, but I figured it was better to doodle the rest of the night instead of spending it with my hand in an ice bucket lol I couldn’t get anything to sound good.

Anyways… Just a cool, ostensibly useless thing I did, hahaha.


Finally a clickbait that’s worth it :slight_smile:

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Can you add some Zakk Wylde-esque fretting to that? That was how I played the No More Tears lick before I had any concept of escape motions

what if you also simultaneously did the same thing with your other hand but further up the neck

Do you mean the 5-fret stretch to the same note on 2 strings? I tried that for a bit but my fretting hand is very delicate and I try not to stress it too much. It’s not that bad for a note or 2 but to hold it down for awhile is kinda rough.

I’ll play with some ideas on it later. I’ll probably have to slow it down to a crawl though. Something like… 350, 360bpm… ya know, beginner levels lol

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I think that was 16ths at q = 200. Because you’re doing 8ths at 200 initially, then just doubling the notes by sweeping through 2 strings in each direction, right?

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It’s 400 16ths. 16ths at 200 don’t sound like an old phone ringing lol

I don’t think so. You understand that the first thing you played is 8th notes at q = 200, correct? Your down-up picking rate doesn’t change at the faster part; the movement just gets wider to hit two strings in each direction.


Holy crap! You’re right. I’m so sorry! It’s weird how much faster is sounds… It an ostensibly useless technique, so I wasn’t trying to hold onto my claim or anything. My brain can’t seem to think it’s 16ths at 200 but it clearly is. Maybe it’s the texture of it?

I’ve been messing around with the idea a bit but with a percussive mute instead of actual notes it sounds really interesting. Sort of like a horse’s gallop. I have it at a very sloppy and somewhat uncomfortable 300bpm but I dig the sound. It’s best between the E and B. I’ve tried it on wound strings and it too mushy. Maybe with a different tone…