90s Charcoal 570 (plus bonus cats)

Looks like the last two pictures just weren’t enough… Damn! I’m going to have to dig deeper. How about with guitars… This is a guitar based forum, Might just work !

The teeth marks are still permanently embedded in that Jackson.


It’s a 90’s charcoal 570 with green gravity storms. Killer pickups for sure. It’s the guitar I use most, particularly on this site

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I’ve always wanted a 570! I actually have a neck sitting around that I got off Reverb ages ago and never did anything with

Just be careful you match it with the right era of body. For the AANJ heal, the neck pocket widths tend to be wider I think starting around 2005 or so.

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Yeah, I read about that and made sure to find a body that matched it – I just never bothered ordering hardware because Edges are disgustingly expensive these days!

It depends on the route, but sometimes you can retrofit something else in place like a Gotoh trem. But yeah, sometimes the trem alone can cost more than the guitar itself used.

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Haha! I love cats! I had a cat that lived for 23 years. Was sad to lose him after so long.

I can only imagine. I’ve had the one in that photo for 15 years, got him as a kitten. Im hoping I’ll get a few more out of him, but age is starting to catch up to him. He has hyperthyroidism and kitty cat CKD, and it has been giving me a little anxiety from time to time.

I guess these pictures kind of look silly on their own, and the discussion doesnt make a lot of verbal sense. It was my failed attempt at diffusing the Anton thread, but Tommo gave them their own thread.

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Hehe I did appreciate the attempt to lighten the mood :slight_smile:

I thought people may still want to discuss the guitar model and enjoy the cat pics :slight_smile: , but if this is not the case I’m happy to delete this.

Moderation can be hard… :sweat_smile:

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Ah yeah they kind of slow down a little with age but hopefully you’ll get a few more years! I remember mine started to slow at about 16 years, but he seemed grand, not in pain or struggling and kept going for another seven years!

If I get 3, I’ll be thankful. With this one it was pretty sudden, or at least the visible signs were. One minute he was fine, and the next not so well. I originally figured he just was rummaging through the garbage, which was one of his favorite past time it seems. Likely it was actually a slow progression though that wasn’t visibly obvious, particularly the kidney disease.

Medicating a cat is not the easiest thing to do. That’s for sure.

Do you like the Gravity Storms better than the Evos?
I’m gunna get a JEM and am leaning towards getting the 77p with Gravity Storms.

It depends on what you like. The gravity storm bridge is more mid heavy and not quite as ceramic bitey as the evolution, it also feels a bit hotter than it specs out to be. The neck pickups are more similar in the sense that I think they may have a similar wind, but the magnet size, poles, air gap, and German nickel baseplate make it different and almost like a high output fat single coil or soap bar at times. It pretty clear, and doesn’t have a lot of mud on alternate picked stuff.

OK thanks bro, I’m gonna go try out the Gravity Storms in a couple of weeks, I live in the sticks so have to set aside a whole day to go to a big guitar store.
I’ve got a couple of licks I wanna record and tab on here so once I’ve got my JEM, or RG, I’ll post something.

If you can try them before you buy, that is always the best. A lot of the time you are really flying blind on the manufacturer’s description. I would say, the neck pickup is one of my favorites though.