A benefit of insomnia

I’ve developed insomnia over recent months and regularly wake up, unable to promptly return to sleep. At first, this resulted in my reaching for my iPhone or lying in bed, directionless. Then, I discovered the best thing to do: playing guitar!

Playing guitar while lying in bed works surprisingly well; not being able to see anything results in better listening and fretboard navigation. Furthermore, thinking of music and intently listening is positive thought, better preparing one to return to sleep!

So, if you’re in my situation, try your guitar, it helps more than anything else (at least in my case).

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It’s a great idea! For me it would end in divorce though lol


I like it! However I believe studies tell us it is not good idea to stay in bed if you wake up and have trouble going back to sleep. Staying in bed only strengthens the “behaviour”. It is better to get up and try again when becoming tired.


I’ve also read that. Makes total sense too. I have only dealt with occasional insomnia thankfully and it’s worse when I stay in bed.

Most success I have is going to another room and watching something boring on TV. I know screens in general are not recommended but it works for me.

Guitar practice of something boring would also be great I bet, inline with the OP. Slow chromatic scales or some silly 4 finger shapes. Standard useless exercises lol

@kgk what type of things are you playing when you’re fighting the insomnia?

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I try to stay in key while inventing little exercises that are hopefully musical. I tune in 4ths so the neck has good regularity.

I think of the neck as 2x2 boxes that hold ti, do, mi, fa, and these are connected in surprisingly simple ways.

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