A Decade in Slow Motion Guitar

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Five days left and 150% funded. It’s happening people!


Damn…we have really come a long way since that original “shredcam” rig! I wasn’t around for that but hearing Troy explain both the camera hardware limitations and the DIY software hacks required to get that working, wow. Surprisingly good footage but some tricky constraints and a lot of effort to get those results!

Glad we came up with the Magnet and double glad the successful Kickstarter means we’ll no longer have to assemble them by hand :sweat_smile:

I encourage anyone interested in pre-Magnet slow-mo guitar video history to check out the above blog post, some fun details there.

Also: reminder that the Magnet Kickstarter campaign ends this Thursday, just 44 hours to go. And we’re now at 1,500+ backers…that’s a lot of Magnets!