A fun practice of Gilbert 2wps alt pick exercise (Devin Townsend - By Your Command)

at 4:35 the riff comes in

Perhaps more fun to play this version than strictly the one phrase … plus this has string skipping! I’m going to work on this to see how fast I can get! I’m still much slower starting the downpick on lower string so time to practice!

P.s. if you find a live video keep in mind he plays in an open tuning


i love the groove on this song!

damn thats a freaken cool song!

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I love how they built a super cool musical application of the PG lick. I mean, all the riffs after 4:30 or so are basically the Paul Gilbert lick :smiley:

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So I don’t hear it as a single lick as it is transcribed. To me it sounds layered to give a specific effect. So the “Gilbert 6’s” part is actually just being repeated over and over and used as sort of a background drone, and the 4th note in the sequence never moves. Then you get a layered guitar just plucking away at the higher pitches every 4th note. So there really isnt string skipping going on here.

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There might be some layering but the top note also changes in the actual lick. There’s a multitrack out there and it’s easier to hear in the backing stem that the lower E♭ rings when the next note is at the same fret, because he just barres for those.


Oh man, if that’s another way of saying you’re not all that familiar with the mad genius that is Devin Townsend, you have some listening ahead of you. :lol:

His “Terria” is a desert island disk for me, for sure, though as far as a case study in why he’s one of my favorite vocalists, his chorus vocals on Aeyron’s “Day 3: Pain” off The Human Equation just make the hairs stand up on the back of my head.

(some great singers elsewhere on this, but Devin comes in for the first time around 2:14). Not often you hear someone laying tender harmonies over full death metal screaming. :rofl:

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