A Great, Little Known Underground Band - For Fans Of Anything From Sabbath, Zeppelin and Rush to Soundgarden and Alice In Chains


Unorthodox is a band that began over 30 years ago and have released 5 albums on CD. While they toured Europe twice in the 90s, they never broke through in a big way. They’re not nearly as well known as they deserve to be, considering the talent they possess - primarily that of Dale Flood - the band’s vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Dale describes their music as “Heavy Hypnotic, Progressive Metal” and others consider it “Doom.” Doom is the genre they’re most often considered part of but they’re much more advanced musically than that genre would typically suggest.

Here’s Soultaker from their 2008 album “Awaken” and then you’ll hear the title track which has a beautiful Led Zeppelin vibe to it.


I’m glad you liked it, @JonJon.

If you or anybody is interested in hearing the more progressive side of the band here is one song with vocals “Lost In Tomorrow” from their 1994 album “Balance Of Power” na then a Rush influenced instrumental titled "Unorthodox’ from the same album with outstanding drumming from Ronnie Kalimon.


imma check it out after while. I like bands with a nice doomy vibe

same singer


That’s interesting that the first album you linked in your post is Trouble’s “The Skull.” That happens to be one of Unorthodox’s favorite albums! The doom scene is big (by underground standards) in the Maryland/Washington DC area. The two bands that started it in the area were first Pentagram (very Sabbath influenced) and second The Obsessed - featuring doom/sludge kingpin Scott Weinrich (better known as Wino). The Obsessed were very Sabbath influenced as well but also influenced by faster music like late 70s punk and Motorhead…

Here’s a 1994 mini documentary on The Obsessed with guests such as D.C. punk/alternative rock icon Henry Rollins of Black Flag and then The Rollins Band.


yeah, dude has a cool voice. (same dude singing on the 2nd album I posted “the Skull”)


Cool. Since you like Trouble and bands with a doom vibe, I highly recommend the mini-documentary on The Obsessed as well, who were Unorthodox’s biggest influence. There are guests like Henry Rollins and Phil Anselmo in it. A guy like Henry Rollins who is so intelligent and knowledge able about underground music is someone I have a lot of respect for. Especially his spoken word performances. He’s so creative and articulate and has tons of great stories to tell whether its about growing up in Washington DC during the race riots of the late 60s or touring with hardcore punk icons Black Flag.

Rollins has an absolutely unreal work ethic. He has had a successful music career, written books, started his own publishing company, done spoken word performances, acted in major motion pictures, is a weight training fanatic, and travelled all over the world. He’s fascinated with different cultures. There’s very little Henry Rollins hasn’t done or isn’t interested in!