A metal solo without "difficult" string changes

As you probably know I work here, so a lot of my time/effort is spent teaching (and learning) complicated picking patterns across the strings.

But I did this in my time off :-D… so I decided to not do any of that and instead rely on some simpler (but IMO equally effective) solutions, like single-string tremolo, whammy bar nonsense, hammer-ons, pull-offs etc.

The diminished lick at the end, in particular, is a Paul Gilbert lick executed with just a middle-finger pluck of the high string followed by legato on the lower string.

As usual, I also like layering and pseudo-stereo widening to get a bigger sound! So what you are hearing is not just a single performance, but 3 guitars:

  • main lead in the middle
  • second lead stereo-widened by 60%
  • harmony track also widened at 60%

The stereo widening was done with the JS: Pseudo Stereo plugin in Reaper. All guitar tones use the old but gold Mercuriall SS-11X plugin.

Edit: Soundslice link added :slight_smile:


Pinch harmonics, where are they?!