A newbie blown away

Hi everyone.

I’m very happy to be here. I only very recently stumbled across this place on a random guitar internet search-after years of random guitar internet searches- having no idea what the code was, let alone what cracking it meant.

It didn’t take long for me to be jaw-gaped by the 80’s styled videos which - I saw as a mix at times between Tron and maybe even Lynch’s Dune - got me understanding what an up-pick could really do… and the whole complexity of picking in general quite quicki, in theory… now I need to dig into the Primer.

So I had to join. The fact that I’m not a shredder goes mute. This is the first place I’ve seen a break-able down approach, at least I hope so, to a question I’ve been asking myself for years, how to handle the right (picking) hand… Here’s me hoping it can be applied to any guitar inspired music, I’m convinced.

Congrats, on style and content. Really. Very rare that the two are combined… let’s face it, rare that the first is ever hit.

Again, just glad to be here… oh yeah,; I do have a question…

I watched the Steve Morse lesson, amazing… what a break down on the technique… then I read later posts that he has problem with his wrist (so many notes played surely) do we think this might be an issue with that type of grip, movement, other… or just at this stage, probably not an issue for most of us adults learning… meaning, not the time to do as many rotations as he has already done…



You ask a fascinating question about if one technique is more injury-prone than another, but sadly, I don’t know. I’m just pleased that he can play effectively by changing his technique. I’ll bet that if your question would reach him he would be happy to answer, he seems to be extremely gracious.

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