A nice shot of Zakk Wylde's picking technique

This may have been posted before.

It’s the first few seconds of the video, so you don’t have to look for it.

Looks like a nice USX motion.

He is holding the guitar low with the neck (headstock) almost at like 2.00, close to his shoulder of his fretting hand. so, it looks a little more supinated that what would be usual.


Great shot. Zakk appears to have multiple techniques. What we’re seeing here is almost exclusively wrist motion. I am more familiar with his “maybe elbow” mystery motion. I haven’t watched enough Zakk to know if he still does both motions or has mostly transitioned to the mystery elbow!

Edit: Here’s a nice shot of the “elbow” technique. Quite a difference:

On a related note this is some damn great live playing here. Don’t know if it was overdubbed but the accuracy here is pretty high considering the live-ness that’s going on, including the behind-the-head stuff. I think this is one of the arguments in favor of finding a dwps method that’s comfortable. It’s reliable.


The Pentatonic Hardcore instructional from Young Guitar has great left and right hand footage. Zakk’s flow from Hybrid to Alternate DPS is really smooth and similar to Swybryd picking. Just a sample:

some of those older clips look somewhat similar to a Steve Morse hand position whereas now I think he is closer to Marty F

This is more hot playing. Zakk is one of the baddest mofos around. The sheer amount of attitude and that juicy thick tone. Most guys I just want to turn their wah off as soon as they step on it, but Zakk is one of the few instances where I really like what it adds.


I see what you mean, His hand looks like it approaches the strings with almost a curled wrist, not as obvious as Marty Friedman, but that might have to do with height and the way they hold the guitar etc.

One of the best guitar lesson tapes - for the advanced player. Zakk doesn’t try to make the material super approachable or provide a lot of analysis, but the playing is incredible and inspirational for sure! Hardcore players only!