A quick but huuuuge thank you

So when i joined this forum 2 months ago I joined because i was getting insanely frustrated that my picking was extremely limited and I didn’t know why. I had been struggling for weeks already, I think I spent about 70+ hours just trying to find something that works but nothing really helped. UNTIL i found the USX video on YouTube. I had watched it before but decided to watch it again and really analyze it this time. I looked at the arm and wrist position, the angle of which I approached the strings and when i started playing it felt like all my limits and struggles were gone. I was and still am SOOOO incredibly happy!
From the bottom of my heart thank you so much CTC, you guys are doing god’s work (coming from an atheist btw, so imagine :smile: )


Congrats on the hard work!


Thank for the kind words @oRizho!

Is there a specific picking challenge that CTC helped you to solve? Meaning, is there anything you could not do before that now became easy? Feel free to post a video in Technique Critique or Show and Tell (depending on your needs), we’re always happy to look at people’s techniques and keen to learn more about people’s approaches.

Filming instructions attached :slight_smile:

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Basically i fixed the position of my wrist. In the video there is a picking path of 10 degrees, mine was way bigger because I didn’t rest on my wrist (i thought i did) but on the side of my hand and the fleshy part of my hand below my pinky. I also had my hand more turned to my thumb side which caused my triceps to burn and my wrist to tighten up. Ill try and make a video within a couple days