A request for help with online fundraising for medicine

The case looks like this:

For many years I have problems with anxiety neurosis social phobia.
I have been taking various psychotropic drugs SSRI for years
which cause more harm than good.
I can not work because of illness,I used to try but I had to give up.

Because of this I can not afford new effective medicines
family is financing me cheap and harmful one of the side effects is the reduction of testosterone.

When testosterone decreases
then muscles disappear and fat appears in their place.

Lowered testosterone is a lot of other complications and dangers like diabetes, depression, problems with concentration etc etc there is plenty of it.

The worst part is that my brother suffers from the same illness.
So I do not need money only for myself but also for him.

How much I need: 475 euros per person,so 475 x 2.
For what: CBD oil / medicinal marijuana.

14 milligrams, 50% solution it costs 475 euros .

475euro for one person is a fortune
but 1 euro for 475 people?

Of course, someone can always say that I am a liar and try to extort money.

There is no problem in disclosing my medical history to administrators
but I also have another idea.
I can sell cds, cassettes and vinyls from my collection.

Most of them are rar
I’d rather not get rid of them, but if I have to, the prices can sometimes be quite high.

What I have is mainly metal music

for example Taake - Kulde 12" vinyl EP signed by Hoest.

I do not know if this is a good idea but others do not come to my mind.