A short crosspicking etude to add to your practice routine!

Hey everyone! Been a while - I thought you guys might wanna give this one a try. Here’s a very short crosspicking etude I came up with while just messing around trying to play stuff I would typically play fingerstyle with a flatpick. I could tell my housemates were getting reaaaaaaal tired of hearing the Beaumount Rag roll over and over again :sweat_smile: so I took some pretty sounding chords and came up with a simple melody. It has a variety of note groupings so it’s a nice mixed bag for your picking hand.


I definitely haven’t figured out Soundslice yet … couldn’t get the 2nd arpeggio to work as triplets and I tried to sync the video and failed miserably so if anyone has some expertise to lend it would be much appreciated, lol.

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it! Crosspicking is something lots of my students struggle with and I’m still figuring it out myself so any pointers or other practice strategies are welcome!